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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
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Thomas Jarington

Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » April 8th, 2014, 1:25 pm

For those who might be interested in a different sort of RP experience, I'm pleased to offer up "Alas, Gilneas!" - a paced 100% in character RP adventure where players will live the events that brought
Gilneas out of isolation and Worgen into the Alliance.

"Gilneas is under assault and because of Genn's Wall, no help from the outside world is coming for the beleaguered and isolated nation. People from the rural parts of Gilneas have been brought into the
city for their safety against the attacking feral worgen, while the city's citizens fear what may be about to happen.

As the town is attacked, a group of brave Gilnean's answer the call for help - gathering in the trade district to help defend or escape. Nobility, commoners, servants, even criminals take to the streets
- all coming together to save/flee their nation from it's inevitable destruction."

Having created a Gilnean character (including a journal & backstory leading up to the start), players will begin at LEVELONE inside the Gilneas phased starter zone and RP their way through the entire
event - acting as if they were there as it happened. The goal is to immerse & 'live' the story, allowing the events to unfold and shape the player's character, as well as interactions with strangers
caught up in the same catastrophic circumstances.

Who they will be and how they survive is up to the player, but the idea is to come together as a group work toward a common goal - all within the storyline created for Worgen.

A paced group means all players stay within a 3 level window and on the same quest lines, acting together as a group. The stage is Gilneas, the scenes are the quests and everything else is improv. The
purpose of a paced group is to experience fully immersed RP as a character & group who survived and, perhaps, made a difference in the worgen attack on Gilneas.

Gilneas is based upon Victorian-era England & London. Use this knowledge when creating your character.


1) Group leveling + Heavy, immersive RP
2) Relaxed, cooperative, non-micro-managed atmosphere, not centered around any one player character
a. Instead, centered around the story and how our players survive a catastrophe
3) VAST emphasis on character/story over gear/performance.
4) Slowish leveling & new, immersive way of looking at a familiar zone and quests
5) General flow of "Paced Storyline" will be my responsibility, to keep things coherent
a. I'll keep track of start/stop and post the details in the Sanctum, including Pacer Level 6) Lots of room for flexibility and individual input/ideas by members.


1) Willing to create a new level 1 worgen character that is UNGUILDED
a. Mainly to avoid the lvl 25 leveling bonuses
2) Commit to staying 100% IC during the specified pacer time
a. Once event starts, you are IC
3) Commit to staying within +/- 1 level of the current Pace
a. The Pace is determined by where we stopped the previous week
4) ENCOURAGED (not required) to keeping a journal on the Sanctum of your character's thoughts during the event
a. A backstory is required, however brief, before we launch. Basics are most important
b. Example: Farmer with three kids, raised corn. Forced into the city due to worgen
c. Motivation for being in the square with everyone else at beginning 5) Commit to attending the 1-2 hour weekly event
6) BOA's or other heirlooms are not allowed.
7) Keep OOC drama out of the pacer

Please note: This is NOT A GEAR GRIND, nor is it a race. In fact, no BOA's will be allowed and all are asked to remain UNGUILDED ( to avoid the level 25 leveling bonuses), Please remember that
professions provide XP, so use with caution when trying to stay within the paced level.

A mailbox exists inside the opening area, so players are encouraged to equip accordingly with bags and gold in order to keep yourself sane. RP clothing is welcomed, so long as it does not affect the
leveling mechanics or ruin the group's immersion. Same goes for vanity pets. Use accordingly.

Players may remain completely anonymous and in fact, it is highly advised and recommended. I will, however, be open (being the organizer). My character's name is Jacob Wakefield and a Druid.

I will maintain a separate page for Pacer updates, name TBD, where the current level/quest is posted, as well as highlights from the previous session.

As of today, 10/14/2013 - we have enough committed to officially move forward. It is a GO. This event IS OPEN to anyone who is interested in participating. If you want to play, just respond to this post
with your intentions and create a character. I plan to launch this in TWO WEEKS (October 28th - tentative)

For the past few months, I've been kicking around the idea of introducing a paced, leveling experience to Ravenholdt and decided that now's the time. RL has begun taking hold around here, thus leaving me
with less and less opportunity to play in the actual game of WoW. I will save the details for later, but suffice it to say, my weekly game time has turned to less than four hours per week. Therefore, in
order to maximize my time in WoW, I'm bringing this idea forward.


I hope to see you in Gilneas and look forward to rp'ing with you.


There have been a few questions regarding this event, so I will answer them to the best of ability here.

Question: Do we need to know or have relationship to everyone in the beginning.

Answer: No, not at all. Gilneas being a large city with an even large countryside, it's quite possible you've never met ANY of the players. However, it depends completely upon the individual and who they
choose to play/be. If you're the local baker, for instance, other citizens might know you from there.

This leads into another point: In the backstory you post (once Tinox figures out the Alt-hating glitch), it would be a good thing to use something another Sanctum post discussing RP and backgrounds uses:

"You might know Jacob Wakefield if:..."

This would be a terrific way of starting an interaction with the group as they appear. Jacob Wakefield is a sheepherder from the Headlands. Perhaps if you buy wool for your tailoring shop and only choose
Headland wool, you might have dealt with Jacob. if you are a member of the Order of the Harvest, you would know Jacob, perhaps. These sort of things.

Good question!

Next one:

QUESTION: How will we handle group quest turn-ins and starting the next one?

ANSWER: As the worgen starter experience is heavily instanced, we will need to coordinate quest turn-ins as much as possible. Obviously, everyone reads at different paces, and I don't want to rush anyone
through the quest text, but I would like quest turn-ins to be nearly simultaneous. As such, I will be using an OOC channel to ensure that everyone is ready to complete quests, and then giving a "Complete
now" message when we're all ready, so transitions from one phase to another are as smooth as possible.

Also, we want to allow interactions and rp moments before and after, so these mechanics will allow for a swift and smooth transition from one phase to another. If not, we have folks scattered between
time and space - out of phase. So, we'll initiate a READY? check and then a COMPLETE command when everyone is ready. As well as take the next quest.

QUESTION: Can my character bring rp clothes from the outside world?
ANSWER: Yes, of course. So long as they maintain your characters persona. There is a mailbox in the starter zone and I recommend you use that thing to gather bags, gold and other rp items you will need
to make the best character you can. Let's face it, if we all rolled Mages, we'd all start in the same robe. Look kinda silly. So, please, use the mailbox, set yourself up in epic and believable RP garb
and make us smile!

TIMELINES: Remember, this is Gilneas, so many younger people will not have seen outside races (or remember them), seeing the country was VERY isolationist, even when helping the Alliance. The wall went
closed at the end of year 11, making years 12-27 pretty much complete isolationism. Cata is listed as year 28. That happens DURING the pacer. We are now at the end of year 30 for Kung Fu Panda.

Therefore, for the pacer and age things, we start in 28.

Random Gilnean Info for your reading pleasure:

We're not looking for exacts and whatnot, just generalizations. Here are some interesting links when looking into the your character. Things I found along the way. Use them as you choose:

Gilnean Compendium: http://www.scrollsoflore.com/forums/sho ... hp?t=87015 A very detailed look into the demographics and history of the country. Good read if you're looking for an interesting tidbit
to add to your wargen

From WowInsider: http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/08/14/all-t ... leplayers/ Plot Points for Worgen RP. Interesting read

Worgen Whatnots - a now dead website filled with info for all things Gilnean. http://www.worgenwhatnots.shivtr.com/fo ... ads/400611 This is an OOC timeline based upon research done by this player and
his character's rp. The timeline is solid, but only leads up to the Cataclysm. Which is perfect for our needs. Good read and VERY detailed.

Alt creation is now available and anyone wanting to roll in this pacer, please feel free to post your character's name in this forum. A little backstory would be nice, perhaps "How we might know you"
types, as well.

I'll start:


Jacob Wakefield (Druid) Harvest Witch
Member: Order of the Harvest
Sheep Herder from the Headlands

Jacob rarely visits the city, preferring to reside in the hills and highlands of Gilneas, working with the rural population and farmers with their crops. He sells wool to weavers, herbs to alchemists and
charms to the locals. He will often be seen at harvest festivals selling his charms and helping with the Wickerman Ceremony. He reveres nature and has often been found communing with wildlife (though if
it talks back has been hotly debated by those who know Jacob).

He lives on societies fringes and dresses the part - often smelling (and smoking) of local herbs, produce and sheep. He plays the flute.

You might know him if you are from a village or smaller town in Gilneas, especially the Headlands region.
You would know him if you are also a Harvest Witch (Druid) and member of the Order of the Harvest
You might know him if you follow the Old Ways
You might know him if you buy wool directly from the source.
You might know him from harvest festivals and have bought a wickerman charm against evil spirits
You might know him if you are an alchemist
You might know him if you trade in herbs
You might have met him while wandering the forests and glades of Gilneas.

Abacus Oakland (Warrior)
Second Son of House Oakland (Minor Noble Family)

Abacus takes after his father, which is painfully evident to the rest of his family. Where his older sister and two younger brothers adhere readily to the education, mingling, political maneuvering and
backstabbing that is the daily life for most nobility, Abacus is left with the social graces of a rock. He isn’t as dense or dumb as one, but like his father he is blunt, honest and good natured with a
level head on his shoulders despite the extreme tendencies of others around the age of Eighteen.

He strives to join his father among the ranks of the Gilneas Royal Guard and constantly has to deal with the frustrations brought on by his siblings and mother.


You may know him if you live in the Military District.

You may have seen him following along with City Patrols throughout the Military District.

You might have heard of him from his Father, Sgt. Conrad Oakland, who often speaks highly of Abacus to his comrades among the Royal Guard.

You may have seen him en route to Keel Harbor for recreational fishing. He gives what he catches to local citizens.

You may have encountered him at Aderic’s Repose; he often visits a grave of a lower-class citizen.

You would know him if you also participate in the ‘social games’ of Gilnean Society, he sticks out like a sore thumb whenever he’s forced to appear with his family.

You would know him if you are a part of the City Guard. Most of his friends are Guardsmen/Patrolmen.

Claire Lynn Desmond (Priestess) – Street urchin; church charity project
Member: Various Gilneas City Street Rat Gangs

Brief Backstory:
Claire Lynn Desmond (known as “Lynnie” to her fellow riffraff) spends most of her time skulking around the Merchant Square of Gilneas City begging for spare food scraps or coins. While she doesn’t
particularly value cleanliness, Claire will pour some water over herself a couple of time a week so that she doesn’t offend too many delicate sensibilities in the Cathedral Quarter. After all, the
“church mousies” soothe their souls by giving street urchins a coin or two after saying a prayer for them, so it’s worth the effort.

Over the years, some of the more regular church volunteers have tried to reach out to the riffraff of Gilneas City in order to teach them “life skills” - like a trade skills, literacy, or basic manners.
Claire shows up often at these outreach attempts and is recognized by the volunteers as an urchin who just might show promise of becoming something more than a hoodlum. Barely.


You might know her if:
- You attend the church when they do charity projects.
- You give handouts to the poor.
- You are one of the merchants in Gilneas City and have called the guards on beggars.
- You spend a lot of time in Merchant Square and pay any attention to the beggars.

You would know her if:
- You volunteer at the church to find the riffraff places to sleep at night.
- You volunteer at the church to teach the hoodlums life skills.
- You are a guard that has tossed her off of a merchant’s property.

Thanks for posting, guys! If others have made characters for this pacer, will be playing yet do not plan to post, please send me a PM so I can add you to the roster. It's been updated with names. Also,
please let me know the IN GAME WoW character name (example: wakefield). It will make things much easier to start


Phyllis "Flis" Mallory(Rogue)--Tavern and street musician; novice 'locksmith'

Brief Backstory:
Flis (her first Best Friend Forever nicknamed her this and it stuck, at least among her friends) grew up in a household of music: her mother taught piano to the children of Gilneas' upper class. As a
result, she learned most of the instruments her mother played for love of the art -- guitar, bohdran, flute. Her own. Her father managed ( did not own) a small but respectable jewelry store, and Flis'
childhood was solidly middle class. This ended in her early teens when her father was accused of stealing from his employer, and he fled the city. To help bring in more coin, Flis started busking; this,
and the scandal of her father, led to her mother's clientele shrinking to eventually nil. The situation led to Flis hiring to sit in with whatever of the local bar musicians needed an extra body and
bitterness about the upper classes.

Flis' mother died three years ago. Flis had to sell most of her mother's instruments, but has kept her guitar and flute. She's always had an interest in mechanical things, but never got around to an

You might know her if:
- You were one of her mother's students.
- You frequented the shop her father worked.
- You investigated the charges against her father.
- You stopped to listen to street musicians.

You would know her if:
- You were a patron at the bars she played in.
- You were a member of a band she was in.
- You were in a rival band.
- You associate with the unsavory types who hung out in some of the bars she played.
- You're one of the unsavory types who taught her the basics of 'locksmithing'.

Stanton Davington (Druid) Alchemist and Harvest Witch

Stanton is a novice alchemist, studying under his father who is the personal alchemist of one of the lesser noble houses. His mother is a Harvest witch and a member of the Order of the Harvest, and has
been teaching him some of the craft. Stanton's parents often used to fight about his mothers abilities, and considered it to be social shame. He spends his time learning from his parents and taking their
cures and elixirs their benefactors. He also is frequently in the markets to purchase the herbs

Stanton always tries to portray himself as above his station, as more than the child of an alchemy merchant. Though he studies the old ways he tends to keep this hidden, and avoids the Order of the
Harvest for that reason.

You might know him if you are from the Merchant Square or Court district.
You might know him if you are familiar with alchemists in the city.
You might know him if you follow the Old Ways, through his mother.
You might know him if are a servant of a noble family
You might know him you buy or sell Herbs
You might know him if you frequent the Library

Ambrose Carson

King's forester and huntsman.

Ambrose Carson is a solitary and usually quiet man. Not one to lead or to follow, but one to observe with mild interest and then go his own way for reasons which are purely intuitive as often as not.

An outdoorsman and gamekeeper, Carson is also an amateur naturalist, journalist and artist; his areas of interest are largely limited to natural phenomena in the forests and streams surrounding Gilneas,
although there are a few sketches of city women at work or leisure. These records are kept in a garret room of the family home in Gilneas, and seen by no one but Ambrose.

On the way back to the city after the general summons, Ambrose Carson's camp was attacked by some kind of predators which he thinks may have been bears. His mastiff bitch was mortally wounded in a fierce
defense of the camp, and the firelock of his hunting rifle shattered when he used the weapon as a club. He is openly grieving the death of his companion.

You might know Carson if you are low level in the King's bureaucracy or within the foresters and gamekeepers ranks.
You might know Carson if you encountered him in the wild, where he would have been polite but quick to move on.
You might know Carson if you are a gunsmith or sell outdoor supplies.
You might know Carson if you sell stationary or artists' supplies.
But you probably would not remember him.

You would know Carson if you were part of his small family - parents or siblings. But sometimes, they forget him too.

Carson likes things that way.

Decklyn Jesperson.

The kid of that guy who won all those medals.

At the young age of 14, Decklyn is already six feet tall with wild aburn hair and beaming blue eyes. He lives with his father on a ranch outside of the city and has helped tend the horses since he could
walk. He is talented with a sword and can ride a horse better than anyone he knows. Despite this, he never learned to read or write and works as a stable hand when he isn't needed at home.

His father is a highly decorated hero of the First and Second wars, working now as a rancher outside of town. Decklyn idolizes his father and hopes for a chance someday to be a hero like him. His best
friend is his mustang Dean - an equally wild individual whom Decklyn personally tamed when he was twelve.

You might know him if:
- You frequent the wilderness outside of town and seen him riding or droving handfuls of cattle.
- You knew his father.
- You work on a farm or ranch nearby.
- You attend church or the markets on Sundays.

You would know him if:
- You have bought a horse from their ranch.
- You are one of those kids who plays football after church while the grown-ups go do grown-up things.
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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
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Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » April 22nd, 2014, 12:21 pm

Pacer tonight 10-12pm Realm Time. Starting location is Stormwind @ the Blue Recluse. Current level is 19
Thomas Jarington & Co.

Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » April 24th, 2014, 6:41 pm


I was looking at the date we started and we are now in month 6 of the Alas, Gilneas! Paced event. Quite an achievement, I must say. Thank you to all who have participated, as well as those who are continuing to do so.

That being said, it is also apparent that we need to discuss where to go from here and, as Lynnie said, set some rules/guidelines so that this pacer can last another 6 months and into 2015.

Therefore, I would like to schedule a meeting of the current players: Percy, Magpie, Lynnie, Jacob and Abacus, to talk about the current state of the group and establish rules for continuation. This will be completely OOC and an opportunity to voice opinions, perspectives and potential goals for the next 6 months.

Since the pacer is Tuesday night, 10-12, I suggest we use the pacer time as the meeting time. That way, nothing changes.

Once again, thank you for playing and making this thing work. Have fun and I'll see you all next Tuesday.

Feel free to message me if you have any concerns, comments or anything else in regards to this.

Thomas Jarington & Co.

Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
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Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » May 13th, 2014, 5:27 pm

Pacer tonight. 10-12pm, same wolf time, same wolf channel. The current level is 20. Location: Darkshire
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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » May 20th, 2014, 6:15 pm

I think that due to finals for some of our members, we might need to give tonight a miss for the pacer. Therefore, no pacer tonight. See you all next Tuesday
Thomas Jarington & Co.

Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » June 3rd, 2014, 11:33 am

Pacer tonight. 10pm-12am Server time. Looking forward to it!
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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » June 10th, 2014, 8:50 pm

Pacer tonight 10-12. Sorry, the previous post had listed 9pm. Mistake on my part. See you guys at 10pm server
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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » June 18th, 2014, 11:44 am

Next week's pacer will send us to Stormwind and.... into the Stockade! So, be on time and ready to roll. IC stockade run.
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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Thomas Jarington

Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » June 24th, 2014, 11:00 am

Just a reminder to those participating in Alas,Gilneas! We shall be making a trip to Stormwind and entering the stockade.

Level is 26 10pm-12 realm time.
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Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
Posts: 210
Joined: April 8th, 2014, 10:55 am
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
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Re: Alas, Gilneas! Pacer info (recovered)

Postby Thomas Jarington » July 1st, 2014, 6:39 pm

Pacer tonight. 10-12... NOt sure if I can make it, Canada Day.

Edit: Yes, I will make it tonight. See everyone in Stormwind.
Thomas Jarington & Co.


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