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[A/H] (Character name): Full name
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[A] (Cerestal): Cerestal Falah'serrar

Postby Cerestal » April 25th, 2014, 7:58 am

Cerestal Falah'serrar.

Age: Unknown. ( ~1000 )

Occupation: Alliance warrior.

Languages: Common, Darnassian, Ursine and broken Thalassian

Description: Cerestal stands at an imposing 7'1", but is merely an average height among other kaldorei. His body is naturally athletic but thick with muscle, particularly around the upper body. His face is worn, weather-beaten and jaded. ((By human equivilant he would look like he's approaching fifty)).

His thick, rough hair falls past his shoulders, a deep midnight blue. He has a long and better-maintained beard that covers his entire jawline to connect with his hair. His eyes are mismatched - one amber and one an off-color orange which can make for an unsettling stare.

In armor, he wears plate over boiled leather with emphasis on mobility and freedom of movement. His arms are usually bare and covered in old scars. His weapons of choice is a greatsword, a handaxe and a throwing knife. In civilian clothing he wears furs and leathers, never decorated or ornate.

Personality: Cerestal is a warrior - through and through. In battle he commands attention with his size and aggressive demeanour and thoroughly enjoys a good fight. Off the battlefield he can be quiet and socially awkward. He is simply not a people person. He carries himself with a silent confidence and prefers to listen instead of speak. He doesn't speak of himself unless asked. He enjoys stories and if carried away, may boast of one or two of his exploits.

Skills: He is physically strong, fast, tough and resilient from years of training and fighting. Weapons are his trade and he can handle any object from a sword or spear to a chair or tree branch with deadly efficiency. When roused into a bloodrage, he is nigh-impervious to pain and very dangerous when up close.

He is skilled in small and medium-scale mixed unit tactics from his years of service and is capable of leading small groups effectively though instead of real leadership, he carries himself with might and aggression to inspire and command.

He has a knowledge of medicine and advanced first aid, as well as herbs, salves and natural remedies. His body is also well-conditioned against the cold.

Weaknesses: Cerestal is not overly intelligent (he'll be the first to admit this), is unimaginative and is not very shrewd. He tries to make up for this with strong common sense but can be easily manipulated. He is not very skilled with bows, crossbows or guns and needs extensive drilling to operate more complex weapons.

He has little skill at conversation and is quite undiplomatic in his approach to problems.

Brief History: Cerestal's parents had paved the way for him to become a druid, but his childhood dream was to be a Sentinel. When confronted with the reality that as a man, he would only be called upon when the kaldorei raise a host to go to war, he ran away from home at a young age with a stolen sword. Still very much a child, his wandering ended up in Winterspring where he matured hunting, trading and training with the furbolg though he always lived alone. After hundreds of years and many generations of furbolg, the demons arrived. Aside from the occasional large beast, this was his first real trial.

He encountered Tyrande's host on their way to Hyjal's Summit to fend off the Legion and fell into their ranks. After the battle, he left Winterspring to forge his name in the world. After a few years, he fell in with the Grand Alliance, doing tours in Ashenvale twice (Warsong Gulch), Alterac Valley, Silithus, the Blasted Lands, Hellfire Peninsula, Wintergrasp twice, Twilight Highlands and Tol Barad.

He joined the Twilight Empire for reasons unknown (perhaps even to him) but was officially killed in battle a few months later. He resurfaced several months later in Kun'Lai working for the grummles and has been fighting on-off for the Alliance since. His most recent achievement of note was leading an ad-hoc force at Stromgarde against the Forsaken and successfully holding the line against their vicious wave attacks.

He currently lives in Winterspring.

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