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[H] (Julilee): Julilee Liene

Postby Julilee » November 19th, 2014, 2:47 pm

Full Name: Julilee Liene (“Liene” is Thalassian for “a light that refracts off something beautiful”… “Julilee Shiny” just doesn’t sound as nice, so she goes with the Thalassian word.)
Title(s): Commander of Sanctuary
Nickname(s): Juli

Race: Blood elf
Sex: Female
Age: Equivalent of 20 in human years
Occupation: Warrior

Notable Physical Features: A little shorter than your typical blood elf. Serious eyes.

Description: Julilee is an uncommon sight: a blood elf who wears heavy plate armor, but who has no aura of the Light. Built short and slender, it’s further strange to look at her and realize she makes her way through the world as a warrior, but the sword and shield she carries would indicate it so. She has calm, level eyes, and wears her black hair shoulder-length and parted on one side.

Current Residence: Sanctuary Garrison
Family: An older brother; both parents
Affiliations: Sanctuary
Religion/Philosophy: Casual follower of the Light

Known Languages: Thalassian; Orcish
Weapon(s) of Choice: Sword and shield

History: Her parents had very high expectations of her. They'd wanted her to be a magister, but she'd proven entirely lacking in the magic department. They would have accepted her training as a Blood Knight or priest, but she'd utterly failed at having any command of the Light either. So they'd suggested, a touch desperately, that she try to become a Ranger. But even at that she had failed, always out of place in the wilderness, with no affinity for either animals or the bow. It wasn't until she'd picked up a sword and in pure frustration chopped a target dummy in half that one of the Rangers had gently suggested she try the path of a warrior.

At that she had finally excelled, but it wasn't a well-enough respected path for her family's taste. Especially since she preferred the front line of a formation, shield in hand, ready to deflect the brunt of the attack for a group, rather than to be a strategist or gladiator. She'd found she just felt best when she was helping others -- something she'd never had a chance to do before. It made her feel useful. Wanted.

But to make up for her vocational shortcomings, her parents decided that she would need to become a warleader, at the very least. Lienes were not common grunts. So, the day she finished her training, they gave her enough money to found a guild and told her to get to it.

The guildhall she purchased had gone into foreclosure. In it, she discovered journals of the guild’s previous Warboss… one Vilmah Bloodborne. Inspired by the ideals of Sanctuary, Juli decided to raise its banner once more and marshal forces to its cause. Thus far, her efforts have been substantially successful.


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