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[H] (Mockrabbit) - Mockrabbit and Ottis

Postby Mockrabbit » July 10th, 2014, 1:31 am

Race: Mockrabbit - Forsaken/Undead Human
Ottis - Undetermined, closely resembles a Snowshoe Rabbit

Height: Mockrabbit - 5'9"
Ottis - 1'1" (body length)

Weight: Mockrabbit - 209 lbls
Ottis - 8.3 lbls

Eye Colour: Mockrabbit - no eyes, empty sockets
Ottis - Black

Hair Colour: Mockrabbit - Ebony
Ottis - Snow white

Birthplace: Mockrabbit - Raised on the outskirts of Brill when his corpse was accidentally discovered in a shallow grave outside the cemetery walls. He is unable to recall anything about his first life so far and cannot provide information as to his history.
Ottis - Unknown. Ottis doesn't seem to recall any events before encountering Mockrabbit in the woods west of Brill.

Age: Mockrabbit - Undetermined. Mockrabbit can't recall anything from his past life. Because his hair had yet to turn color due to age before death a safe guess is he likely had not yet reached his 40th-45th year before death.
Ottis - Undetermined. Using a Snowshoe rabbit for comparison it is guessed he is no more than a year of age.


Mockrabbit, or Mock, is average height with a larger than average build for his . His shoulders are broad with long arms and back, but slightly shorter legs than the average Forsaken/Human. He has large areas of decay around the bottom portion of his face, neck, spine, abdomen, hands and feet. This decay reveals bone as well as his other bodily tissues. The hair on his head is a dull ebony, dry but taken care of. His eyes have long since rotted away. His skin is light and dull grey with a leathery texture.

He appears to brush and tend to his hair. He prefers to keep two long braids that hang down either side of his face. The back hangs freely.

Mockrabbit has a indentation at the back of his head, hidden by his hair, that could be the most likely cause of his first death. His lower jaw has a bad dislocation and hangs down on the left side. Some of the molars are missing here, and there are some cracks in the jaw that indicate another possible 'impact' location where he was struck before his first death. The dislocation of this jaw causes him to speak with an impediment, or as some have interpreted it, an accent that can be considered somewhat close to a cross of how a Dwarf and Troll speak in common tongue.

Mockrabbit prefers to wear a plated skirt/long kilt that hangs just over his feet. Other than this his garb is usually composed of heavy plate, often showing signs of being battle worn. Most of the time he prefers to keep the lower portion of his face hidden by wearing a plated mouth and neck guard that leaves almost everything above his upper mandible exposed.

Weapons he may be carrying vary for time to time but he normally prefers to carry pairs of two handed swords, axes, or maces.

Ottis is a medium sized white rabbit with large pointy ears. His hind legs are larger than a Snowshoe Rabbit (once again used as comparison) as well as his claws. Other than this he appears to be very similar to a Snowshoe rabbit.


Mockrabbit generally has a calm and somewhat pleasant demeanor. He is usually not overly trusting of new acquaintances, but will grow more accepting based on the actions of others. It appears that he is often confused and talking to himself, or to Ottis. He often has long conversations with Ottis. What some find unsettling is that Ottis takes part in the conversations. The 'voice of Ottis' comes from Mockrabbit himself as he speaks 'Ottis's part'. Ottis's voice is distinct in sound and somehow does not posses the same speech impediment Mockrabbit has. Ottis physically appears to be engaged in their conversation and interacts with Mockrabbit. It should be noted that sometimes Ottis does not appear to converse 'vocally'. When Mockrabbit appears to be having conversations with himself it is believed that Ottis is taking likely taking part, just not verbally through Mock. If Ottis did not physically appear to be aware and engaged in these conversations it would appear that Mockrabbit was suffering from a mental disease, or to be in the early stages of becoming 'mindless'.

Mockrabbit has a strong distaste for the 'Light' and can become violent if threatened with it. He is loyal to his Forsaken family, but is not extremely biased to other races even if they are 'breathers'. He is fiercely protective of Ottis, even to the point of killing or dismembering someone who has caused even the slightest bit of harm to his companion.

Mockrabbit will sometimes spend his time crafting rings and trinkets from precious metals. This was a trait that was not taught to him after being raised and appears to be a remnant of his past life.

Ottis is generally pleasant to be around when calm, but there is an aura about him that is off putting to some others. It can be compared to a similar, and sometimes stronger, reaction others have when interacting with the undead. In his conversations with Mock, and others, he tends to be somewhat sarcastic. Ottis is generally thought of as the more intelligent of the pair; being more strategic and organized. Just as Mockrabbit is protective of Ottis, Ottis protective of Mockrabbit. Even with his small size he has been know to take fingers, noses, and other 'chunks' from those that have crossed the pair. Ottis greatly enjoys fresh, or well cooked meat, and will gleefully and ravenously stuff himself if allowed.

It is currently unknown how Mockrabbit and Ottis are connected, or where Ottis originated from, but speculation has ranged from soul binding, demonology, familiars, experimentation, and even a curse.

Mockrabbit tends to speak, or leap, into situations before taking time to think about what might happen next. His protectiveness towards Ottis has gotten him needlessly in trouble on more than one occasion. Due to his detest of the 'Light' he will often run into altercations with those that serve and wield it. His speech impediment, and conversations with Ottis, often drive others to steer clear of him as he appears mentally unstable.

Ottis's biggest weakness is often being in the company of Mockrabbit when he gets himself into trouble. His sarcastic nature has gotten Mockrabbit in to some heated conversations and situations from time to time.

Mockrabbit's history before being raised outside of Brill is a blank slate. He cannot recall anything before being raised, although certain places, names, and activities do feel familiar to him.

When he was initially raised from a shallow grave outside the Brill cemetery he was thought to be 'mindless' as he did not make any indication that he was aware of any of his surrounding, or understood the Death Guard trying to ascertain his awareness. Mockrabbit managed to wander off before he was to be returned to his grave. A week went by and reports of voices in the woods west of Brill started to come in. Many bat and hound corpses being had been found scattered in the area all with small bite marks and wounds made by a crewd weapon.The Death Knight, Luebella, was sent to investigate and came across Mockrabbit. This is also the first reported sighting of Ottis. Both were sitting on a rock below a tree at the far west side of the woods. Mockrabbit and Ottis were taken back to Undercity. After a few days of questioning and investigation it was determined that Mockrabbit was the corpse that had wandered away from Brill over a week ago, although he was now lucid and no longer deemed 'mindless'.

Mockrabbit and Ottis joined the Forsaken. Having no recollection of his past Mockrabbit did not have a name, although he did refer to his rabbit as 'Ottis'. Mockrabbit became a nick-name Mock accepted after some of the Kor'kron guards, that were present in Undercity before Garrosh's removal as Warchief, took to conversation with him and Ottis.

As the bond between Mockrabbit and Ottis is unique the Apothecary had taken an interest in studying the two. Tests had been scheduled to study the new Forsaken and his companion, but didn't last long. Some of the tests were 'invasive', and there were a few violent outbursts from Mockrabbit and Ottis. Even restraining Mockrabbit was not enough to keep him from coming to Ottis's aide when blood was being drawn. In the final test conducted a sample of Ottis's flesh was to be taken from his ear. Just as the scalpel touched Ottis's ear Mock burst into the laboratory and tore the arm of the lab technician from it's socket. The Apothecary wanted to find out what type of bond the two had, and what exactly 'Ottis' was, but the lab experiments were only leading to missing limbs, repairs, and the decline of Mockrabbit's faculties. Although it was slow process they found that by observing the two at a distance and giving them tasks to complete was yielding more information to them then testing had, even if only in small pieces from time to time.

Mockrabbit and Ottis were assigned to the care and watch of the Death Knight Luebella.
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