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Kota Peak's big bug (Archive)

Postby Mockrabbit » July 10th, 2014, 1:50 pm

((This is one of the first stories for Mockrabbit and Ottis. This takes place before the character was finalized and depicts Ottis as both a separate voice in Mock's head that is apart of Mock, as well as Ottis being an individual. The confusion was fun for me at first, but I decided to simplify that approach in Mockrabbit and Ottis current interactions.))

/Pats Ottis
Guess drinks ar' on you ta'night friend!
B'keep, a'round fir t'a house! My lit'le titan 'ere is feel'in generous. Earn'd 'is share today.
/Pats Ottis again
Come on, out with it already. You know you'll tell sooner or later.
Ottis should tell it don't ya think?
No one can hear him besides us, and everyone is already backing away from you. Try to appear somewhat like everyone else and just tell the story.

A'right. After a mishap involving a miss'in Gnome prison'r, 'an a hung'ry yak...
Thats what we told Luebella, and that's what happened.
...Ottis an' I were assigned to a Kun-Lai Summit Grummie camp ta investigate some miss'in Grummie guides. We were also order'd not to lose any more of them ta hung'ry 'yaks'.
T'a Grummies where head'in ta Kota Peak with a he'balists want'in to see if t'ere was anything new on t'a mountain t'at could be of use.
Af'er battl'in against a mighty mountain blizza'd, nea'ly fall'in off of t'a mountain while out run'in an avalanche, we could see t'a peak.
The blizzard was a light snow fall and you caused the avalanche when you slipped and fell off of the mountain path. I think you buried a goat. Luckily your face broke your fall.
You're ruin'in t'a tale.
How are we not dead....again?
Anyway, We had t'a peak in sight and could see what look'd like t'a remains of a camp near t'a top. Ottis dash'd up ta t'a camp ta do some 'econ. Wi't his white fur noth'in notic'd him, an' he hid near a small plant that had some 'ed beans. Af'er a minute I mov'd up ta t'a camp as Ottis had not warn'd me of any dang'r wi't his screech of fo'bod'in.
He was eating the beans, and what?
T'a camp was completely destroy'd, the Grummies were all dead, an' t'a he'balist was no where ta be found. Only his satchel appea'r'd ta remain in t'a shred'd rags o' a tent still cling'in to a pole.
A subtle noise from behind me gave me a sta't, an' I swung a'ound just in time ta avoid be'in hack'd in half by a Mantid blade. I quickly lept high'r up t'a path next ta t'a ruin'd camp.
Ottis had reposition'd next to an expir'd Grummie, niibbl'in off one of it's fing'rs ta use as a spear against the take down t'a roach.
T'a Mantid rais'd it's blades an' shout'd some t'in. All I could hear was "SKI'THIK! AAAAARRRRGGHH!" before it start'd to run towa'd me. I cha'g'd at him an' we collid'd head on. There was a brief melee an' a flurry of blades, limbs an' battle cries as we fought fir on t'a frozen tomb t'at now resid'd on t'a bloody peak.
Suddenly he push'd me back wi't all his might. I stumbl'd back, but regain'd my form very quickly an' readi'd to count'r strike.
Wi't a loud shriek it's blades mov'd at an unnatu'al pace towards me. I couldn't keep track o'dem, I couldn't move away quick enough, t'is was it. T'is was t'a end.
There was anouth'r shriek, he mov'd to t'a left an' there was a white heavenly ball o'fir on t'a right side o'it's face. His fury had been unleas'd!
I was able to knock a blade out of it's hand in t'a distraction, and t'a other miss'd me.....but it's arm didn't.
He knocked me off t'a cliff. As I plummet'd I saw it throw Ottis off it's face towards ta camp. T'ere was also a Druid t'at flew in at t'a same time knock'in ta Mantid out of sight.
I land'd wi't a hard crack about twenty feet below. A snow cover'd rock b'oke my fall, an' a few ribs.
Like I said, how are you not dead yet? Go and bet our gold on a dragon race. Do it. Do it now!
T'en I could buy fancy pants...an' change my name ta Mr.Mock, Lord o'Brill an' command'r o't'a Ottis armies! T'emble before t'a furry vengeance! B'ware t'a bloody nibble storm! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
.......never mind...just stop...please. I regret bringing it up immediately. Focus now, what happened after the fall?
Well...I got up an' collect'd my helment, axe, sword and one of my boots t'at came off when I land'd and ran back up ta t'a camp.
I arriv'd back in time ta see t'a Druid, a Tauren, hold'in t'a foul insect at bay. Now, be'in half blind an' only hav'in one blade the bug didn't h'av a chance. I threw my axe into it's should'r as he rais'd his blade against t'a druid. His arm quickly fell limp an' t'a Druid crush'd his head with a mighty blow, send'in it ta !@#$'oach hell.
Af'er a brief sigh I look'd fir Ottis in t'a dead camp, fear'in the worst. It seem'd like firev'r. It wasn't until I hea'd some sc'atch'in in t'a sh'edd'd tent t'at I seen him. He a little worse fir wear, but unharm'd.
We still can't find a black smith that will make armor for a rabbit.
T'a Druid had finish'd pilig'in the Manti's body when I look'd back an' wav'd as he flew off again. All I could do is wave back. I knew w'at happen'd ta t'a Grummies now an' could report back, but we didn't get any loot...anyth'in we found we could keep as pay fir t'is task. T'at was it.
Ottis kept scratch'in, he was scratch'in the he'balist's satchel. I pick'd it up an' open'd it.
Gold! At least a hund'ed coins! seems t'a he'balist might ha'v been do'in more than look'in fir plants.
Wi't t'at I turn'd in my repo't, neglect'in to mention t'a gold because I didn't want th'a high'r ups want'in a share or taxes.
Yes, and after telling everyone here you don't think someone will find out? Brilliant.
An' th'er you ha'v it. Ottis sav'd t'a day an' made us some coin.
/pats Ottis
Th'ee cheers fir Ottis, an' anouth'r round fir t'a tavern!.
And to your dumb luck.
"\[* 0 *]/" "\[ * x *]/" "\[* _ *]/"

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