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[A] Murder for Hire

Postby Zanas » June 28th, 2015, 6:58 pm

Overnight a multitude advertisements showed up throughout the city of Stormwind.

While it is evident that the guard is doing its best to remove said advertisements either they keep appearing or are just so plentiful so as to be impractical to remove.

The paper reads as follows:

"Problems solved. Items relocated. Pests eradicated.

Inquire within Booty Bay's inn.

Rates negotiable.




OOC info:

If you are interested in "hiring" Zanas drop me a PM here. There's no actual fee it's just for a spot of RP and to allow for some flavor or to heighten RP already occuring.

Naturally true character death can only be achieved if you have an agreement with the target. Otherwise it will be assumed that a healer got to them or they received a beatdown. Also it's always possible that Zanas simply couldn't reach the target/failed to finish the job.

For theft or something else such details will be worked out.

This is a Horde character so be aware that if you hire him to hit someone at an event he will -literally- hit them.

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Re: [A] Murder for Hire

Postby Zanas » July 2nd, 2015, 11:47 pm

A few days after his advertisements were posted in Stormwind Zanas returned to Booty Bay to check on some of his affairs. While visiting with some connections in the tavern the tavernkeep approached him and handed him an ebony and gold parchment. Nodding his thanks Zanas retreated to a private table to read it.

"To Miiiister Z,

My comrades and I are members of ze Cup and Blade Caravan: travelling troupe of merchants, zellzwords, and entertainers.

Ve are currently camped in ze Northern Lordaeron region; however, ve 'ave plans of traversin' as far east as ze ancient Quel'Dorei lands.

Is zhere any vay you can acquire us safe passage and a place of refuge vithin zhis predominantly Horde territory? I vill personally compensate you based on ze quality of service, amenities, and information you can provide. Additionally, since ve hope to conduct business among zertain individuals in ze Horde, if you can put in good vord to zhose who might be iiinterested in our vares, zhat also vould be greatly appreciated.

In time bein', I am vould able to meet you in your office in ze goblin port town if you vish to discuss tiiings privately and in person.

Arcana guide your path.
- Tuuroto the Starseer
Cup and Blade Caravan"

Zanas blinked at the letter a few times as his mind attempted to process what he was seeing. Keeping his eyes on the parchment he dropped a hand to his belt and pulled one of his advertisements from a pouch. Glancing over he read his advertisement trying to discover where he possibly could have gone wrong.

It was a short read. "Problems solved. Items relocated. Pests eradicated." The operative phrase being "problems solved."

Zanas let his head hit the table with a soft thud. "I am such an idiot."

Righting himself he leaned back in his chair and ran through the problem.

First off this was not what he was advertising. It should've been obvious. However there was nothing to do about that at the moment.

Second off fixing this person's problem would only lend credence to his name as someone capable of actually taking care of problems. If this person truly did run a caravan it meant he was nomadic and if given good service could easily spread his name as someone to deal with issues. Hopefully other people were able to more readily read between the lines. The last thing he was looking to become was some sort of ambassador.

With a resigned sigh he picked up a roll of parchment and his ink set and set out to write a reply indicating he was willing to look into this person's problem with the caveat of requiring a face to face meet.


A day or two later.

Zanas had found his way to some sort of revelry in Darnassus. His means of entering the city were less than approved, but when entering a city of people that didn't like you you had to make do.

He personally was not a fan of Darnassus or of kaldorei for that matter but this was a chance to interact more with potential Alliance clientele -- something he desperately needed.

Zanas was interrupted in his observations of the gathered Alliance when the face of a draenei forced it's way into his mind followed by a message from that Tuuroto whom had contacted him earlier.

As it happened the client was present and desired to speak with him.

It also turned out that the client -was- a draenei. "You've got to be kidding me...", Zanas muttered to himself.

As Tuuroto prattled on about whom he was and what he was seeking Zanas was overcome by the sensation of slowly sinking. This client was a mudtrap and he was the fool that stepped into it. Acquire safe passage into the elven heartland for a draenei? Sure! Let me just place my head on the headsmen's block as well while I'm at it!

The draenei had grown quiet and Zanas realized he was waiting for a response. He allowed the silence to draw out a bit as he tried to piece together some semblance of an idea.

He could lie and say he had a plan and try to sell the caravan to The Grim, but he wasn't sure The Grim would actually pay him and he did need the gold. That and if anyone survived the encounter or The Grim had loose lips his reputation would be irrevocably sullied. That was a solid no.

Alternatively he had heard rumor of a organization within the Horde that sought peace with the Alliance and furthermore was headed by a Sin'dorei. Perhaps Sanctuary could work something out? Additionally while he wasn't on any degree of friendly terms with his father he could try and lean on some family contacts. If they still survived. Or owed his father favors. Or if his father was even worth any favors anymore.

Satisfied that he had a viable starting point he turned to speak to the pale draenei.

Before he could speak his left eye twitched as recalled something from the note.

"You mentioned sellswords?"

The draenei was more than happy to point out his most prized sellsword -- another draenei.

This was fantastic. Secure safe passage for draenic sellswords in the elven heartland.

Zanas did not like the contract. But he needed the gold. With no other option readily available he put on a front and accepted the draenei's request.

At least it would be interesting. If he wasn't murdered. Or hung. He really hoped they didn't still hang people in Silvermoon. It seemed so mundane.

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Re: [A] Murder for Hire

Postby Zanas » July 17th, 2015, 12:26 am

*Cross post from the Twisting Nether Gazette*
((For those wondering why this is not in the story side of the forums -- it is because Zanas is still open for contracts. I am posting the events taking place in his current contract for general information and to hopefully increase cross-faction and inter-faction interaction.))

Zanas sat in his not-office in the Warspear inn on Ashran. In fact it was simply a dirty tavern table in an open room. He was awarded with privacy only because no one else was currently here.

His previous office had proven to no longer be safe for him. Or for draenei for that matter. Probably dwarves too.

Before him was a plain parchment on which he wrote the following message,

"Mr. Tuuroto,

I am pleased to inform you that your request for safe transit to Eversong Forest is now at fruition.

I have spoken with Kiraleen of The Outriders and she has offered her services as an emissary to Silvermoon itself.

We have multiple locations in mind that would be safe for your caravan to camp at.

If you would be so kind as to provide a date on which you desire begin your travels that would be most helpful.

Kiraleen has offered the services of her "Outriders" to escort your caravan to ensure its safety.

I too would be of the mind to see you through to safety and will likely be riding with you.


Sealing the letter into an envelope the elf leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He could not wait for this whole ordeal to be over with.

Already one of his fears had occurred and he had to deal with a small group of Horde zealots that had somehow setup operation within Booty Bay. How they had managed to do such within a neutral goblin town was beyond him. Maybe Baron Revilgaz had decided it was more prosperous to allow it... or he was unaware. Zanas had a hard time believing the goblin could not know something going in his town but anything was possible.

He was, after all, working for a draenei of all things. Who would've imagined that happening?

The problem was the fact that the friendly meeting had turned into a not-so friendly stand off with a rather bothersome corpse that was proclaiming Zanas a traitor. The single corpse turned into a small group of grumpy Hordelings and friction turned into threats. Zanas missed his office, and now had the bothersome task of deciding if it was worth disposing of these nuisances in his operating area. Truth is he felt it better to just abandon the location which bothered him. It was his. Dammit.

Oh well. It was an issue for another time.

The other thing on his mind was his interaction with Kiraleen. He couldn't help but feel agitated by her subtle hints that perhaps taking the contract for Tuuroto would help steer him in a different direction. As though he wanted to go in a different direction from what he did.

"Meddlesome elves..." he found himself muttering. The hypocrisy in the statement dawned on him and quickly added, "At least have the decency to be me."

In the end coin was coin and so long as he was able to finish the contract with his head on his shoulders it was bound to be a win. Right? Sure.

Pushing himself to his feet he walked out of the tavern to the mailbox and dropped his letter in. Looking up towards the sun he found himself pinching the bridge of his nose. Another headache.


Just great.

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Re: [A] Murder for Hire

Postby Zanas » August 2nd, 2015, 5:54 pm

Apparently something had happened. One day Zanas is leading Tuuroto and company through the Ghostlands to Eversong and then leaving with a bag of gold in hand all peachy and about a week or so later he finds out a caravan that was led into a "trap" in the Ghostlands has placed a bounty on his head.

Sitting in his less-than-private "office" in Warspear Zanas found himself drinking again. He had cut down on it after a drunken night with a female troll somehow ended with him joining a mercenary band. It took him over two weeks just to find out which band he had joined much to the amusement of his undead "friend."

Right now, however, he needed a drink.

Maybe it wasn't Tuuroto.

Maybe the person who had spoken to him was mistaken.

He really didn't want to start hunting down members of the caravan and removing them. It would be time consuming and not really good for business.

Admittedly having a client put a bounty on his head was already bad for business. Nevermind the fact that the person who informed him did so in front of a sizable group of people. So the word was already out.

Maybe he should just remove the caravan anyways. Show people that crossing him was bad for health. It would probably help his standing with the Grim -- whom he assumed after witnessing the discussion of his interaction with the Alliance caravan made him less than liked by them.

Zanas downed his drink and sighed to himself. Picking up a bit of parchment and a quill he set to transcribing a message.

"Mr. Tuuroto,

I am unsure what has transpired in the Ghostlands.

I was under the impression things had gone smoothly and we departed on amicable terms.

Is there a reason as to why I now have a bounty on my head?

I have recently been informed that a caravan that was in the Ghostlands placed a bounty on my head for being lead into a "trap".

Seeing as how you were the only caravan I escorted to the Ghostlands I can think of no other people whom it might be.

I would very much like an explanation to this before I sever all business ties and our relationship becomes decidedly more -pointed-.


Folding the parchment and addressing it Zanas left the tavern and deposited it into a mailbox.

"Goats." He muttered to himself.

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Re: [A] Murder for Hire

Postby vinosh » August 7th, 2019, 9:17 am


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