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Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Kiraleen » March 25th, 2014, 7:15 pm

((A place for slice-of-life, character insights, and other posts that don't require/need an ongoing thread, for both factions. Kil'gora started the original one. Hats off to her!))

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Dinpik » March 29th, 2014, 11:31 am


Idiot. He can't answer you. Dinpik paused in the Westbrook Garrison medical ward's doorway a moment longer, then padded over to his bed. She set the vase of violets -- the only flowers she could find hot-house raised that were not roses, at this time of year -- on the nightstand. Someone had left a short-backed stool nearby; she dragged it over and sat down.

"I'm sorry it's taken so long." Immediately following the explosion in Eastvale, the Garrison had been closed to non-personnel -- including visitors for the wounded. By the time those restrictions had been lifted, her own responsibilities had kept her away until now. She took his hand. His skin was warm. He didn't respond.

"Let's see... what have you missed? There's a new joke making the rounds in Stormwind. 'What do you call a lawyer with his heart ripped out at the Lion's Pride Inn? A good start.' That really happened, you know. Had a sign around his neck: 'Twin Seas Slaver.' Maybe someone's coming after him, eh?" She didn't need to give a name. Barnaby would know who she meant.

She continued with the latest gossip picked up from Stormwind and Dalaran, ending with Emi's exploits in the kitchen and her variation on Pandarian stir-fry that had the local pandaren demanding the recipe. She rose and stretched, standing on tip-toe to kiss him on the forehead. "Get better soon, Barnaby. I miss you."

She met Captain Landreth on her way out. "Thank you for letting me see him."

The paladin nodded. "You're welcome. I take it we won't be inundated with baked goods anymore."

It was a statement, not a question. "Yes, sir."

"Though those sticky buns were quite good. Haven't had them in years."

Dinpik grinned. "I can send you more later."

"Much later, please. Plate isn't as forgiving of 'a few pounds' as cloth."

"Yes, sir."

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Yrek » April 17th, 2014, 8:35 pm

"A little light reading to start the day?"

Yrek looked up and automatically saluted. "Something like that, yes," he deadpanned. The books stacked around the remains of his breakfast like sentinels were at least four inches thick; the scent of ancient paper and wayward dust wafted up with each page.

Captain Landreth returned the salute and dropped into the chair across the table from the night elf, neatly settling his own tray. "Still plumbing the depths of Stormwind law, I see."

"I like to finish what I start." Possessing only the vaguest idea what the human kingdom's law actually was, Yrek had sought out the earliest written clarifications of it he could find. The language in the tomes was both archaic and colloquial; his tendency to ask the human members of the City Guard for clarifications had become a running joke and source of entertainment before the explosion.

Before The Explosion. He could almost hear the capital letters.

Brief barking echoed through the Westbrook Garrison -- one of the other trackers leaving for the day. Yrek's hand clenched in a fist. He forced it to relax.

"I don't recall saying so before, but I'm sorry about the loss of your companion."

"Thank you, sir." He couldn't remember if Landreth had given his condolences before or not. Blueberry had been a mage slayer, one of the dogs trained by Malygos' followers. He had named her on a whim, turning the racial slur for his people on its head and making more than a few people uncomfortable with it.

She hadn't survived Eastvale.

"Will you be finding another?"

"I'm not sure," Yrek said, surprised into an honest rather than socially polite answer. "I still have Mist, and Tyrande -- " The Captain coughed before sipping his coffee; Yrek grinned, then continued. "Neither of them are as good for crowd control. Though the medics say that won't be a concern for a while still."

Landreth nodded. There wasn't much to say. Yrek was no longer bedridden, but he wasn't up to full duty yet. Darnassus was still keeping their Legal Liason on a tight leash until every last bruise was healed. Yrek picked up his own coffee with a silent sigh. Politics.

He nursed his coffee while he made inroads into his current law book. The Garrison slowly filled with more guards. As Landreth rose to return his dishes, Yrek asked, "Does Stormwind still castrate rapists in public, Captain?"

The paladin gave him a pained look. "No, we don't."

"Ah. I suppose this law against molesting milk buckets is also defunct?"

Landreth made a sound between laughter and a cough. "I certainly hope so, Tracker."

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Cerestal » May 3rd, 2014, 7:09 am


She replied with a roar and took to the skies, sending a gust that Cerestal needed to brace against. Varaku soared high toward the horizon and let out one last distant roar before she disappeared for good.

"Fight well."

In the year and a half he had known her, she had grown more than half again her size. In perhaps a year, he reckoned, she would no doubt mature into a full adult. Netherdrakes aged rather quickly, and Varaku had been spending more and more time away of late. He reminded her again and again that she could leave at any time, though she still admitted to feeling bad when she actually decided to do so.

She wanted to go to her brood in Shadowmoon Valley. She wanted to mate, to breed, to find a place amongst her own kind. And the more restless she got, the more he realized she needed to move on in life.

Cerestal turned around and slowly trudged back to Everlook and its urban claustrophobia. His ankle was feeling stronger, and it wouldn't be long before he could trust it in a fight. The next orc he killed, he decided, he'd dedicate to Varaku.

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Skaedi » May 28th, 2014, 7:05 pm

The Blasted Lands at twilight were only slightly less hot than they were at noon. Skaedi paced the length of the Dark Portal's landing, ignoring both Horde and Alliance forces stationed below it. A week ago she and Znort had met here. The other warlock had doubted the "oddness" about the portal Skaedi had mentioned. At first. Until her own abilities backed up Skaedi's statement, though, of course, not completely.

"Why would someone put a watcher on the Portal?" Znort demanded.

"To see who uses it," Skaedi had replied. "Or to change it. Maybe -- to use it." She had shrugged. "Like I said, it wasn't like this a few weeks ago. Now..." She gestured. "The watcher's back."

And still here.

She'd poked around Shattrath, hoping to find another gnomish "camera", tuned to be sensitive to magical influences, like in the story one of her old trainers had told her. She hadn't. Her trainer had most likely just been spinning stories. But if it wasn't... well, it had been worth a shot.

Skaedi halted and stared up at the swirling, fel energy curtain. I'll find you out, she vowed. And what you're up to.

She whistled for Busy-busy, her wind rider, and flew off into the deepening amethyst sky.

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby RiktheRed21 » June 2nd, 2014, 1:48 am

Grol sat in his usual chair looking up at the Frozen Throne. Few had ever made it to the summit of Icecrown Citadel to gaze upon it, but he was not like most. He frowned up at the sleeping Lich King. The fool. He did not know how to use power when he had it within his grasp. There must always be a Lich King. Why not me? Grol thought to himself. A necromancer walked quietly to his side. "My lord, he is here." Grol's heart lept. Even a death knight should fear the one who had come to visit him.

"Where is he waiting?" he asked the robed man. They descended the fortress, stopping at a balcony outside the Plagueworks where Grol's master stood patiently staring out upon the frozen wastes below. Grol steeled himself and walked up to the man, and cleared his throat.

"My creation," he said without moving, "I have been quite busy heralding the world's end. How fares your efforts here?"

Grol replied, "Bolvar Fordragon fears to resist my siphon. His thoughts betray him, he is wary that the power of the Lich King would erupt out of control should he try to fight back. Progress is slow at any rate, but without any resistance, the power of the Scourge will be ours."

The master turned and gave Grol a grin. By all rights, Grol should never feel fear, but this man, this thing always put a chill in his spine. "Excellent. Now, about the young woman you let escape..."

Grol's eyes widened, if he still drew breath, it would have been caught in his throat. "I...I have not lost her yet. I can still do away with her, and with little risk from her pathetic Empire! I am your weapon, my lord. Unsheathe me and I shall..." The master laughed. Grol's body trembled from its chill.

"Yes, I have every reason to believe your power. But this Empire is not as weak as you give it credit for. Even if it wholly falls, our plot may be revealed to all the Alliance, and in time, all of Azeroth. If you should think to let that happen, you know the consequences. You remember what happened to Malace, do you not?" The threat forced Grol into stunned silence. "In any case, there is a new threat we must needs dispose of. This man seeks to destroy this world. I cannot rule a dead world, Grol. You will kill this undead named Declan in his hold at Karazhan, or you will join Malace in his eternal punishment."

The master turned back to the edge of the balcony and conjured a dark portal. He stopped abruptly and turned back to his servant. "One more thing. The spy lives. I cannot use you to track him down, but you must be wary. He is the one true lasting threat to our plans. Fight well, son of Draenor, or perish like the rest of the non-believers." He turned and vanished, taking his portal with him. Grol climbed the Citadel once more, much more humble than when he last entered.
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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Dinpik » June 27th, 2014, 6:25 pm

They didn't believe her.

Dinpik wrung out her hair and wrapped it turban-style in a small towel. Tying her bathrobe's belt around her, she padded from the bathroom into the coolness of her apartment's main room. The Fire Tour had been hot and dusty; she'd needed the bath.

It also gave her the chance to soak away disappointment. "It would take all the priests that ever lived to bless this land. As long as that is still here."

That was the Dark Portal. Rorrek, Skylah, Brianna... none of them had said anything in response. And they hadn't when, as they left the Blasted Lands, she'd glanced a final time over her shoulder and said, "It's watching us."

Something had changed about the Dark Portal in the last few months. And no one was listening.

Dinpik lay down on her bed, the overhead fan turning slowly. She felt a headache coming on.

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Kiraleen » July 2nd, 2014, 9:53 pm


"I'm sorry, sweet girl, but yes." Kiraleen stooped to pick up her daughter. Iantha dropped her dolls and ran across the swath of grass to where Shanlyn stood outside the Outriders' guild tent and hid in the folds of the Forsaken mage's cloak.

Shanlyn fixed a glowing socket on the toddler. "The living need to bathe."

"Especially if they've been dancing in Midsummer flowers and playing in the dirt all day," Thaldis said, not looking up from the duty-board. "We need to fill morning patrol for day after tomorrow at the Feralas border."

"And ingesting large quantities of s'morcs. Yes. That will be fine."

"Excellent." Thaldis swung round in his seat. "Roster filled, lady," he said. "And your daughter is here."

"So I see," Kiraleen answered wryly. She crouched down, hands out to Shanlyn. "Look, Iantha, your boat."

Iantha clung to Shanlyn's leg. "No boat," she said crossly. "No bath. No no no no no NO!" She wailed the last futile refusal as Kiraleen pried her free and hoisted her up. Iantha held out her arms to her last chance of rescue. "Thals play!"

Thaldis shook his head slowly. Iantha burst into a fresh bout of tears, not quite drowning out her mother's attempts at soothing her. The pair disappeared into the Field Marshal's private tent.

Shanlyn gave a rattling sigh in the sudden quiet. "Thaldis. Do you have offspring?"

"To the best of my knowledge, I do not."

"I would keep it that way."


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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Dinpik » August 12th, 2014, 3:32 pm

"KungaLOOSH," Dinpik said, topping off her glass of the same. She recorked the bottle and nestled it between the picnic hamper and the napkin holder. For some reason, she'd stuffed the hamper full of napkins last time she'd used it.

It was a good day to lounge under the shade of the knot of maples across the way from Goldshire's smithy and do not much at all.

Emi peered at Dinpik over her own glass, lolling on her stomach. She kicked her legs in the air like a child, nearly knocking over the large blue-and-red striped umbrella. "This is a great blanket, Miss Din, I like the pattern... KUNGaloosh!"

Dinpik giggled. "KUUUUNGalawUUUsh."

Emi drank, giggled and turned into a large cat. "K'ungaLuuuuusssshhhhhh," she hissed. Dinpik blinked.


Emi shifted back to her elfin form. "KEEE-unGALOOSH!" She rolled onto her side and into a cat again. "K'ngLUUS!"

The cat morphed into a bear. "KWAAAH," she rumbled. Emi returned to her elf-shape, drank again, and in the next heartbeat was a moonkin. "Koo? Kwii?" The moonkin raised her glass to her beak, tried to drink; succeeding only in spilling the jungle fruit booze on her neck feathers, she cheeped her disgust and dipped her tongue into the glass.. "KooLOO!"

Dinpik fell over, laughing.

"What's so funny, citizens?"

Dinpik struggled to right herself without spilling her glass. "Hey, Barnaby," she said just as Emi shifted back to her natural form and chirped, "Hello, Mr. Barn!"

The human rumbled laughter inside his helm. "You mean 'Hello, Officer Grathier!' right?" He tapped his Stormwind City Guard tabard. "On duty."

"Oh! Oh, right." Emi dug into the hamper. "Can you have a cookie while on duty, Officer Grathier?" She passed one to Dinpik.

"No, I can't.. and you two weren't eating cookies."

"Made a batch of kungaloosh to celebrate my impending departure to Pandaria."

"Did you now... I'm pretty sure there's a law against drunken disorderliness. I may have to confiscate that."

"We are not drunk," Dinpik said with great dignity, "and we're not disorderly."

Grathier jerked a thumb at Emi. "She spilled it on her clothes."

"On my feathers! When I was a moonkin." Emi bit into her cookie. "No oatmeal-raisin pecan specials for you, Mr. Officer."

"Pecans," Grathier muttered. "You made those on purpose."

"Maybe." Dinpik licked her fingers. "Swing by the Recluse when your shift is over if you'd like a glass or two."

"The way you're going through it?" He looked pointedly at the bottle, one-third full. It had been two-thirds full not too long ago, Dinpik had to privately admit.

Dinpik grinned and leaned against Emi, who had turned back into a cat. "You think I only made one batch?"

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

Postby Thomas Jarington » August 25th, 2014, 1:16 pm

Somewhere deep within the Sholazar Basin...

"Great Rain Stone is good to us," Soo-Dar whispered to his companions as they slipped through the dense, rain-soaked jungle. Giant wasps buzzed just out of sight - high in the canopy and uninterested in the happenings below. Tree-screechers, birds and other animals made their presence known in the distance, creating a never-ending symphony of sound that hid the tribe's movements.

"Maybe we win today, find many shinies!" Grunts of acknowledgement came from the nearby Oracles who could hear Soo-Dar speak. "Maybe we find enemy soon." The group of two dozen Oracles were gathered close, using the cover to conceal their approach toward the Frenzyheart encampment - a strategy they had only just begin using, thanks to their newest tribesman.

"Maybe we talk so loud, Frenzyheart hear us," the lead warrior said. Dressed in the same sort of garb, he was nowhere close to being the same type of creature. He was the new tribesman, the one who had brought many shinies to High-Oracle Soo Say, thus earning an exalted place among them for all time - one of the only dryskin to ever do so. "Maybe Soo-Dar become pin cushion for Frenzyheart spears!"

"What is pin cushion, Soo-Tom?" Soo Dar asked, bouncing close enough to stand beside the dryskin warrior. Soo-Tom sighed, shook his head, then lifted his hand - calling a halt.

"Maybe Soo-Dar become target for all Frenzyheart spear," Soo-Tom said, turning toward Soo-Dar and using his small spear to tap at the Oracle's chest. "Maybe Soo-Dar get all Frenzyheart spears in chest. Maybe he become pin cushion. Same thing."

Soo-Dar's eyes opened wide and he gasped, snapping his mouth shut like a Sholazar crocodile snapping hold of a lazy Frenzyheart fisherman. Soo-Tom smiled, placed a finger on his lips and shushed the group. With a nod, he turned and motioned for the warriors to continue onward.

Soo-Dar respected the dryskin, especially after Soo-Tom had shown them the secret to quiet walk. The strategy had worked well for the Oracles and their attacks on the Frenzyheart were mostly successful these days. Fewer Oracles lost in battle, more shinies captured for the High-Oracle - times were good for the people.

"Maybe I can get mark of Great Rain Stone," Soo-Dar said quietly to himself as he eyed the black tattoo on the dryskin's shoulder. While he had no clue what it meant, or what it was, only that it must be a powerful talisman for Soo-Tom to be so skilled. Seeing that it looked like a double-sided fish hook, he thought it might mean that fish were what the Great Rain Stone wanted. "Maybe I can give fish like Soo-Tom and get mark of Great Rain Stone!"

He nodded, hefted his spear and marched toward the Frenzyheart camp - determined to earn the favour of the Rain Stone like Soo-Tom.
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