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Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: July 31st, 2014, 2:36 pm
by Mockrabbit
((This story thread will connect previous events of Mockrabbit and Ottis into one place as well as continuing on with their story. Where needed threads will be linked in here. The events of this thread will begin with 'The Finger of Light' and progress from there. You can read origin profile of Mockrabbit and Ottis here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=124&p=859#p859

Each time I read through the posts I will make changes to spelling and grammar that I missed in the first initial proofing. ))

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: July 31st, 2014, 2:48 pm
by Mockrabbit
The Finger of Light


His blades raised above his head fend off a crushing blow from the heavy mace. Even though he is slower than the Human, we caught him off guard in that moment.
A kick from this unbalanced corpse sent the warrior of light reeling backwards through the snow, stumbling over the body of one the Orcs at the camp that had fallen to the mace earlier.


He circled around behind the Paladin who was rising back up from the knee he stumbled down upon. Mock lept at him, his massive blades narrowly missing the meat bag.

The mace met Mock's left arm. Mock dropped that blade and spun his other sword around him with the might of an abomination, trying to relieve the Paladin's torso of it's legs with this wild strike.

[iMissed! The human swings his mace again striking the undead in the side of his abdomen with a glancing blow.[/i]

"Stay still so I can kill ya!"

The human grins. He says something to Mock, I can't quite make it out. He is chanting something ....his hand is glowing.

"Not ta'day Mr. Sparkles!"

I move towards the south side of the peak and the human. I can hear one of the wounded Orc guards in the shelter rise up with a pained grunt.

The Paladin points at Mockrabbit with a grin on his face. It was quickly replaced with panic as a giant sword flew towards it.

The fool missed again!...only nearly though. The sword sailed over the edge of the cliff and the paladin now sports a long gash across his cheek.

"T'ere goes t'a oth'r one...."


Mock is turning his head side to side now. "I think the other sword is buried in the snow ... no wait, there it is, by that dead Orc!"

Mock turns his back to the human and scrabbles for his other sword laying in the snow. The injured Orc warrior from the shelter is back up and charging towards the human.

"LOK'TAR OGAR!" she bellows as she lunges. A limp noticeable from her left leg. A battle axe clutched in her hands.

The paladin is laughing, his chanting has stopped. He prepares to release his punishment.
Mock grabs his sword and turns towards the human. He raises the blade in an attempt to shield him from the coming light.
The Orc is only a couple of yards away.

The paladin sees victory.
We feel fear.
I taste flesh. And blood. And the human's other cheek.
He attempts to tear me off his face, grasping at my fur with his hand.
I take the meat bag's finger for his effort.
He spins in a circle quickly, grabbing me this time, and throws me to the ground.

It's too late.
A axe cleaves the abdomen of the Human.
The Orc whispers "Gol'Kosh."
He try's to grab the Orc's throat only to find, in that instant, his arm is no longer attached to him.
Mocks bloodied blade crashes into the ground, promptly followed by the severed limb.
The Orc removes her blade from the gut of the trouble maker.
He falls to his knees and looks up at his executioners.

"Not ta'day".

The Orc grins. Her and Mock each place a hand on the the human's shoulders and raise him up.
Then they throw him down.
A few dull thuds can be heard as the meat bag makes it's way down the mountain.

Ottis moves by Mock's side, finger in mouth. Mock scoops him up and rubs the top of his head

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: July 31st, 2014, 3:21 pm
by Mockrabbit
(( The following comes from the thread ' Loony Toons' from the Ravenholdt forums. Hardkandy started this thread and this was the first official meeting between Hardkandy, Mockrabbit and Ottis. Her writing will be highlighted in red. Abyzz added to the post by introducing Jaiden Maar and Darethy Voidblade, his text will be in purple))

Loony Toons

It had taken Mockrabbit and Ottis almost three weeks to make their way back from Northrend to Brill. They had stopped to have Mock's rotten stead checked as he believed new shoes were needed. Ottis only cared about finding something to eat that wasn't scraps of stale bread or vermin that he had to make due with on the airship.

“Oh, what a cute little bunny!”

Ottis had been called many things, but “cute” and “bunny” weren’t among them. Mockrabbit turned his attention from the stable master he was trying to convince of his mount’s need for new tack to the source of the verbal dichotomy.

A blood elf woman knelt next to him, dressed in worn traveling leathers. She held out an apple slice to Ottis in one hand, the remains of a sandwich (lamb, newly stolen from Elwynn Forest) in the other. Lunging forward, Ottis ignored the apple and ripped free a chunk of the sandwich. The blood elf laughed, not seeming to notice his unrabbit-like choice.

Still warm! With mustard and seasonings.

“He’s adorable! What’s his name?”

“Ottis,” Mockrabbit said.

She smiled at him and nodded, finishing the apple slice herself. “It suits him,” she said, between bites, tucking a lock of butter-blond hair behind her ear. “Where did you get him?”

“Eh… ‘ereabouts.” It was close enough to the truth to be true.

“Brill?” She rose, looking around as if expecting a relative of Ottis’ to appear out of the shadows. “Ooh. I might look around while I wait. I…I had a pet…but I lost her in Northrend.”

“Ah. You goin’ back?” Mockrabbit jerked a thumb at the zeppelin to Vengeance Landing.

“No, no.” She pointed at the other zeppelin tower. “Grom’gol.”

Something sprang from the shadows of Brill’s barn. Growling, it pounced on Ottis, flattening him under its front paws. Ottis squeaked. Mockrabbit yanked his sword from his back. The blood elf wailed and struck out with her fist.

“Bad kitty!” The large, lion-like, horned cat yelped as her fist struck home on his nose. She leaped behind him. “Bad, bad! Shoo!” Blows punctuated each word. “Get!”

Yowling, the large cat ran for Brill’s main gate. Mockrabbit gave chase, but the Light-damned druid was faster than him. On foot, at least. He stomped back.

To find the blood elf snuggling Ottis, who was devouring the last of her sandwich with studied daintiness and a minimum of bloody nibbles.

Which she didn’t seem to notice either.

“Ottis, what do you t’ink you’re doing?!”

“He was so scared,” the blood elf said. “He jumped right into my hands!”

Recruiting. She’s softer than you. In more ways than one.

“Ah.” Mockrabbit tilted his head. “Well… t’anks.. um…”

The blood elf smiled. “Hardkandy.”

“Mockrabbit. Pleased t’ meet ya.”

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: July 31st, 2014, 3:24 pm
by Mockrabbit
Jaiden Maar stood in the middle of Brill on a long, cold day. Waiting for his newest employer to show his slow !@# up to give him his latest set of orders, Jaiden spotted something rather small darting along his feet. He looked down to see a little rabbit hopping along almost passing his feet. The rabbit, seeming to notice his newest observer, stopped in his tracks and turned to look up at the warlock.

After a moment of eye contact, Jaiden reached into his one of his packs and retrieved a piece of pork and reached down as if to offer it to the rabbit. When the rabbit reached up to grab the sample Jaiden jerked it away and quickly wolfed the pork down. "Not for you fuzz ball!" Jaiden laughed.

A moment later the rabbit had it's leg hoisted up and began urinating on Jaidens boot. "Hey, HEY!" Jaiden screamed as his quickly backed away. Anger riling up in the warlock, Jaiden stomped at the rabbit in a attempt to kill it but the rabbit was too quick. It soon bolted away from Jaidens stomping boots but not yet out of sight. The warlock formed a ball of demonic flame and when he was to release it, he was interrupted.

"Ahem" a raspy voice sounded from behind him. Darethy Voidblade appeared behind Jaiden, arms crossed and red eyes narrowed underneath his red hood."Can we keep from setting the town on fire?" He inquired. Jaiden turned towards Darethy shaking the unwelcomed fluid from his boot "That little prick is lucky I'm allergic to rabbit stew."After his meeting with Darethy, Jaiden had looked back around Brill specifically at where he last saw that rabbit. "I hope that little $%^- gets turned into bat crap."

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: July 31st, 2014, 3:41 pm
by Luebella
Walking past the square, and statue of 'The Dark Lady', the Death Knight turned her head, searching. Looking towards the Inn she spots Darethy lecturing one of his underlings. Towards the stables she spots her 'charge', conversing with a Blood Elf.
Ottis is seen darting between the two of them. Ottis stops when he notices Luebella, and stares at her. Mock turns his head in her direction at almost the same time. Mock gives Ottis a slight nod, turns to Hardkandy and gestures for her to 'wait'. He mutters "..bus'ness.." as he and Ottis walk towards Luebella.

Mockrabbit salutes Luebella as Ottis sits on the ground next to him.

"You were to report to me in the Military wing as soon as you arrived."

"T'a stead need'd some 'repairs', t'ought ta get t'at arrang'd first."

"The 'pile of bones' can wait. You have your orders, you are expected to follow them. No exceptions."

"It'll only take a..."

Luebella's eye sockets glow an unholy green

"NO EXCEPTIONS. I have my orders and your have yours. Need I remind you that any 'discipline' handed down to me because my 'charge' can't follow instructions will find it's way to the two of you in the end."

" It's not like they'll kill us."

Mock looks down at Ottis.
Ottis looks up at Mock.

Luebella's hands and eyes are glowing now. She points her left hand at Ottis and begins to say something.

Mockrabbit quickly puts his right hand on the hilt of one of the large blades sheathed on his back, his other hand attempting to shield Ottis.

Ottis twitches his nose and coils up to pounce.

Luebella's hand stops glowing, and she withdraws it; the unholy energy subsiding. Instead she quickly places her right index finger into the warrior's chest.

"...I am losing patience with you. I have been ordered with your 'care'. Keep trying me and you will see how 'careful' I can be."

Luebella glares at Ottis.
Mock lowers his hand.

"Finish up your business here, now, and report to Undercity. I am assigning the Pandaren mercenary to watch you."

"T'a one wi't no eye?"

Luebella grinds her teeth.

"Finish your business. Get to Undercity. Report."

Ottis backs behind Mockrabbit and 'winks'.


Mockrabbit salutes Luebella.

"Fir t'a Firsaken!"

Luebella turns and walks toward the south gate of Brill. She stops a few feet away from Mockrabbit and turns to him.

"Beware the living."

Ottis turns and chases after a cockroach fleeing towards the stables.

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: August 1st, 2014, 2:06 pm
by Mockrabbit
Hardkandy folded her hands behind her back, watching the exchange between Mockrabbit and the other Forsaken. "Is something wrong?" she asked when Mockrabbit returned.

"Not t'worry about," he said. He corraled Ottis between his feet and lifted the rabbit to the crook of his arm. "Need t'g'to Military in Undercity. Want to come with? Grom'gol's zeppelin likely t' be awhile."

Hardkandy rubbed her lower lip with her thumb. Undercity. She hadn't been there since before... before Venomspite. Would it be safe? Had she missed any of the staff at Venomspite who could identify her? She couldn't remember-- she could barely remember what she had done at the Forsaken outpost, sometimes.

Which left her only one answer.

She shook her head. "I can't miss the zeppelin," she said regretfully. "I need to get to Stonard. Drop by there if you can!"

She gave Ottis a parting pat on the head and Mockrabbit a parting wave, and ran through the gate toward the zeppelin towers, carthwheeling up the low slope of the hill.

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: August 1st, 2014, 2:23 pm
by Luebella
The Military wing was lively as usual. Luebella stood near the center of of the wing among the crashing and hacking noise of the weapons of the Death Guard perfecting their strikes. Some of the newly risen are going through basic training near her. Possibly farmers or some other non-combatant role in their first lives. Their clumsy and awkward attempts at hitting each other with practice swords may see them return to the grave sooner rather than later. The Death Knight was becoming annoyed with their sloppiness.

"If you two do not follow the instruction of your drill master, and do not master the basic art of sword play, you will be nothing more than another 'corpse' on the field and useless to The Forsaken when your service is needed from your people!"
"Stop what you are doing. Go over the movements again. Pay attention to your drill master's movements. Think before you strike. When you are in battle you will not have the luxury of practice swords and the tutelage of your veterans. Swinging wildly and hoping to connect will cost you. Strike first. Strike true, or be stricken down."

Her head turns towards the west gate as she glimpses Mockrabbit enter the Quarter, Ottis perched on his shoulder.

"....even the exceptions will get caught from time to time."

The two newly risen begin going over movements with the drill master again.
Luebella walks towards Mockrabbit. Mockrabbit salutes Luebella and then places Ottis on the ground beside him. Ottis moves slightly behind Mock keeping his gaze on Luebella.

Luebella slightly nods.

" You were due back here a week ago. Explain yourself."

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: August 1st, 2014, 2:27 pm
by Mockrabbit
Mockrabbit removes his face guard and holds it under his left arm.
Ottis still stares cautiously at Luebella.

"Aye, we ran in'ta a 'thorn' on t'a way back."

Ottis scratches his left ear.
Luebella says nothing, still staring at Mock.

"Anyway, we couldn't find any evidence ta support t'a claims of surviv'in Val'kyr inhabit'in t'a ol' Valkyrion site nir t'a pass. T'a Orcs were eith'r see'in ghosts or jus fish'in t'a see w'at we'd do. Didn't even see any remain'in Hyl'nir. T'a place was dead."

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: August 1st, 2014, 2:33 pm
by Luebella
Luebella crosses her arms

"The Apothecary thought as much, that's the only reason they requested me to send you."

She turns and takes a few steps. Her arms returning to her sides as she turns back to Mockrabbit.

Ottis looks less tense now and moves out in front of Mock, sitting on his hind legs and standing up.

"Still, even the slightest chance that a few surviving Val'kyr had managed to hide in the mountains all this time warranted investigation."

She looks at the two newly risen trainees still going over movements with their drill master.

"One day we may not be able to continue increasing our population. The Val'kry are our only hope right now."

She turns towards Mockrabbit again.

Mock has placed his face guard on the ground. He is kneeling, his right hand stroking the back of Ottis.

Luebella places her left hand up on her chin.

"Even when the creation of 'mindless'..."

She glances at Ottis and then at Mockrabbit.

"...or 'otherwise' may be a risk."

Her hand lowers again.

"What else have you to report? What of this 'thorn'?"

Re: Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit -

PostPosted: August 1st, 2014, 2:35 pm
by Mockrabbit
Ottis runs off to where the two newly risen have are sparing.
Mockrabbit rises back up, bending backwards slightly. A loud crack is heard coming from his dry spine.

"Well, more of a paladin problem t'an a 'thorn'"

Ottis gives chase to a rather large roach near the sparing session.

"Furry Vengence!"

Mock raises his hand to attempt to quiet Ottis. He stops mid air as he realizes no one else seemed to hear him.