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Re: Hide 'n' Seek

Postby TylerG » November 22nd, 2015, 11:09 am


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Re: Hide 'n' Seek

Postby Mockrabbit » November 26th, 2015, 5:25 pm

A commotion was coming from the departing passengers of the zeppelin, and a small path was quickly, and awkwardly, made while passengers raised their voices in annoyance. Hardkandy stood on her toes to see what was going on ahead of her, Tezkali placing a hand on her shoulder. Had they been found here? How?
The crowd parted in front of the pair, and Ottis darted out, front paws on Hardkandy's boot. He looked up at her. She she looked down at the rabbit and she smiled. She reached down and picked up the rabbit, he rubbed his cold nose against her hand. Tezkali let out a low 'sigh'. She could see the crowd parting again, but this time there was the heavy footsteps of steel boots on wood.

Mockrabbit nodded at Tezkali.

"Just wanted to say goodbye before we go off to find Mock's 'master'."

"I 'ave no mast'r, I jus' chose to do w'at she asks of us. We stay healthy t'at way."

Hardkandy patted Ottis on the head. Tezkali stood beside her, " I thank ya for help'in Hardkandy. She tends to attract...interest'in people".

Hardkandy smiled, but didn't say anything.

"Always glad to talk to someone besides 'stinky' back there", Ottis looked up at Mock, "...and she feeds me."

"Keep feast'in an' you'll be slow enough to be someone else's supp'r."

Tezkali chuckled a little, but Hardkandy just kept looking down at Ottis, the same unbroken smile on her face. She was still lightly patting Ottis, but mechanically. She had been in a daze the last day or so, Mock could see it. It reminded Ottis and him of the few times they had been put on watch at the Deathknell. The newly risen tended to have the same blank looks on their decaying faces. They would be in a daze, a fog, for the first few days while they adjusted and accepted what was going on. Hardkandy had the same far away look in her eyes.

Mockrabbit extended his hand to Tezkali, "We best be on an' out. Yurrie is wait'in, so will t'a boss. Sheis not a big fan o' us at t'a best o' times."

Tezkali shook Mock's hand, "Thanks for keep'in her out of trouble. Tell your Yurrie that we thank her for her help gett'in us her as well."

Mock nodded to Tezkali, and then placed his hand on Hardkandy's shoulder, " We'll 'ave to catch up once we get back from our new post'in. Yurrie tells me it may be a long while.".

When Mock placed his hand on Hardkandy's shoulder she looked up at the her Forsaken friend. She nodded to him, the fog still behind her eyes. Ottis leapt out of Hardkandy's arm and on to Mock's shoulder plate.
" It'll give me time to 'train' him. He'll be walking on his hands when I'm done with him. They might be attached to his knees, but he'll walk on them."

Hardkandy chuckled, and gave Ottis another pat.
" I'll look forward to it" she said with the smile.
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