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Eclipse: A PLAGUE IN STORMWIND [Open to All]

by Vionora » February 21st, 2015, 10:36 pm

It was eventually determined that it had begun at a clinic outside the Cathedral of Light, one of the charitable, pious establishments in the city that strove to serve the poor or those otherwise unfit to take care of themselves.

But it spread quickly, in unexpected pockets, throughout other districts. The transmission was sometimes sudden, sometimes slow. Some went for hours without developing symptoms; some were affected right away. It made it hard to quarantine.

And the effects...

The elves, night and high, were the first to recognize the signs. In fact, the first few victims, as they were all elves, were thought to be simply cases of what they knew all too well: magic deprivation. It turned the afflicted into wretched, evening creatures, desperate for mana, for energy, to feed on. However, it quickly became evident as cases spiked in number and intensity, and spread to non-elves, that something was driving this need; something was massively accelerating it in anyone who had any sort of magical reservoir, from those gifted with spellcasting abilities to those such as elves whose very race was magical in nature.

Even a death knight was affected, though they tried to keep that news quiet.

In time, it was contained, but not before dozens had been afflicted, and many more injured by the ravening. The afflicted were locked into the stockades of the city for lack of anywhere else to keep them. Healers and mages began efforts to cure the disease, but thus far, none have discovered anything to alleviate it. Whatever spells they attempt to lay on the afflicted are simply absorbed.

There is only one thing that might provide any kind of clue.

On the backs of each afflicted's hand appeared a symbol – a mark.

Two nearly overlapping circles.


Earlier that day...

She wore her hood pulled up over her bright blonde hair; at least it had been bright blonde once. Now it was dank and matted, but the hood concealed it well enough, as well as her eyes, from curious gazes.

Stormwind was a busy city anyway; no one paid the slightest mind to one more traveler passing through. She knew how to be invisible, but it wasn't hard.

Her hands shook, so she curled them into fists. It was taking so much effort just to walk. But a single-minded focus kept her going.

The clinic was where she remembered it. She had worked there, briefly, before going to Shattrath. It was a simple matter to slip in amongst the bustling priestesses tended the sick and injured. A changed bandage here; a cup of water there.

And every patient she touched would soon be touched by a priestess; who would then lay their hands on more.

She slipped away as one of the patients began moaning.

[[ This thread is open to anyone who might have been in Stormwind tonight to post their character's reaction, involvement, or anything else related to this event. For more information on the Eclipse plot, please click here. ]]


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Re: Eclipse: A PLAGUE IN STORMWIND [Open to All]

by DeclanRavenholdt » February 22nd, 2015, 2:12 am

Reverend Jameson Smithe sat quietly in his study within the Cathedral District of Stormwind. Being that he was a priest of the Light, he spent much of his time near the cathedral. Though, he had just returned to the city from months of travel throughout the rest of the so-called Eastern Kingdoms. There he sat none the less, reclined by a roaring fire, drinking a nice glass of wine, writing in his black leather bound journal.

What had started as a quiet night of reading and plotting, quickly turned into one of panic when one of the Reverend's guards rushed into the study. "Sir. We have a situation. There seems to be some sort of sickness within Stormwind." And having recently brought containers of the Scourge Plague to Stormwind, the Reverend had become greatly worried.

"Double the guard at the warehouse where we are keeping the plague and make sure precautions are taken to ensure it is not the thing causing this plague. No one can know that it is in the city." The Reverend snapped. "Secondly, seal off my home, I can't risk this illness making its way inside. Send word to the Cathedral that I will help in any way that I can, thought inform them I am bedridden and cannot be counted on to aid in person. Make certain they keep me posted as any information about this illness is learned." He quickly gestures with his hand towards the guard. "And make certain I am secure here. I want no other surprises this evening." He called after the guard.

Once alone, he reclined back into his chair in thought and began to mutter to himself. "I am curious what could have caused such an illness. It bothers me that this was able to manifest itself so quickly without someone catching it." He pauses for a moment. "Perhaps there is something far greater involved." Pausing again. "I will have to wait and see." He then climbs to his feet and bars the door to his study. He returns to his chair to sip his wine and continue to read his journal.
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